Services and Samples

Feel free to browse the samples of my work below and click the image that piques your interest to learn more about the services I offer.

Meandering / Stippling
This service is for the basic meander, also known as stippling, and is an edge to edge pattern.

Price : $0.015/ square inch.
Pantograph / Edge-to-Edge Design
This service is for either a pantograph or other all over design other than the edge to edge stipple. You can choose from any pantograph or edge-to-edge design at

Price: $0.021/ square inch
This service is for a custom quilting design in blocks and/or borders or other specific design of your choice.

Price : $0.042/ square inch and up
T-shirt / Memory Quilts
This service is for any type of t-shirt or memory quilt.

Price: varies depending on size and design layout.
Binding Services
This service is if you would like me to machine bind your quilt.

Price: $0.15/ lineal inch
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Batting and Thread

100% cotton batting is available for an additional charge, or you may provide your own batting.

For thread, there is a flat rate fee of $4.00 per quilt. Specialty threads will incur an additional cost.

How Much Will It Be?

To figure out the approximate total of how much it will cost, please take the price per square inch and use the formula below. 

Length of quilt x height of quilt x price per square inch = total price of rendered services


A 40" x 60" quilt top with a basic meander and you provide the batting.

40" x 60" x $0.015 = $36.00

Thread Cost = $4.00

Binding (40" + 40" + 60" + 60") x 0.15 = $30.00

Tax (6.75%) = $4.73

So the total price for a 40" x 60" quilt top with just a basic meander and provided batting would be $74.73


I offer a 15% discount to all military members with proof of service.

Quilt Preparation

If you would like to use my services, please see the quilt preparation tab or click here to see how to get your quilt top ready for service.

Gift Certificate

I offer gift certificates for you and your loved ones. Please contact me if you're interested in one.

Quilts by Caryn 2015 - present

Binding Services

This service is if you would like me to machine bind your quilt. Price: $0.15/ lineal inch